Movie review: Katy Perry: Part of Me

Confession: I watched the Katy Perry documentary and I liked it.

My feelings on Katy Perry range from apathy to antipathy on any given day, but Part of Me is a well-made, uplifting movie.

She has a genuinely interesting story (I love stories about repressed religious girls discovering the world). And, though I don’t think there was ever an evil conspiracy in place to stop her from becoming a STAHHH (which is what the movie suggests), it certainly seems like Katy faced a fair amount of adversity on the road to success, which makes for an interesting look at the music industry. I definitely didn’t know that Katy spent years writing Alanis-Morrisette-inspired chick rock. Or that she wrote at all, in fact.

Mostly, though, I loved the doc because it’s about FANDOM. It’s really a love letter to Katy’s fans – and to fans in general. I’ve never been to a Katy Perry show, but I could fondly recognize my own music-fan experiences in the doc. The fact that Katy’s PA apparently has her own cult following made me chuckle as I thought about the way I’ve variously obsessed over bands’ crewmembers (RIP MCR/Brian Schechter :/).

Plus, for reluctant celebrity relationship rubberneckers (like me), the snapshots of Katy’s relationship with Russell Brand are, alternately, adorable and heart-rending. The scene that will probably stay with me is Katy finding a necklace that Russell gave her that she thought she’d lost. The desperation with which she puts it on – as if the necklace is an amulet that might magically save her marriage – is so terribly sad.

In conclusion: BABY YER A FIYAHWERK!~