The Fosters #2.10 (Someone’s Little Sister) recap: in tents

The art of the finale cliffhanger, apparently, lies not in near-death situations or natural disasters. To create a really compelling cliffhanger, it turns out that all you need to do is send two 13-year-old boys into the woods together, have them share a tent, and then not tell your audience what happened.

Quite a few people have been finding this blog this week by Googling “what did Jude and Connor do in the tent?” The answer is: I DON’T KNOW, BUT I WILL HAVE TO WATCH NEXT SEASON TO FIND OUT. (Thus making it… the perfect cliffhanger.)


It’s hard not to be impressed at how The Fosters managed to turn a logistical quirk into the finale’s most intriguing plot twist. This mythical seventh grade camping trip was transparently just a way to write pregnant Sherri Saum out for a couple of episodes, while also getting around Hayden Byerly’s age limitations on working hours. But what could have been a throwaway camping trip has been transformative, taking Jude and Connor to a wildly different emotional place than when we saw them last.

Based on this episode, we’re forced to assume that, during the trip, Jude and Connor patched up their friendship – enough that they chose to share a tent. Sharing a tent might have been completely innocent – Lena certainly seems to think so – but Connor’s dad is far from relaxed about it.

In fact, Connor’s dad was so upset that he spanked Connor. According to him, that’s all it was – a simple spanking. But, when Connor shows up at school with a busted eye, he looks a lot more like he received a beating.

The plot thickens when Jude and Connor refer obliquely to “what we did” during the camping trip, leading the entire audience to scream at their TVs: WHAT DID YOU DO? It’s a secret neither is willing to reveal.

Here’s a list of possibilities of what they did in the tent:

  • made rainbow loom friendship bracelets;
  • held hands and sang One Direction songs;
  • held a bacchanal and accidentally murdered a farmer (I don’t know how the farmer got in the tent…);
  • summoned an evil spirit who turned them into zombies;
  • talked at length about the ethics of factory farming.

(I didn’t say they were likely possibilities. Just possibilities in general.)


Jest aside, both Jude and Connor seem distinctly edgy about what happened. The two are squirrelly and unwilling to make eye contact when they talk in the corridor at school. Connor asks sharply whether Jude has told his mom what they did and, when Jude says no, Connor looks relieved though not relaxed. For the record, they do not act like friends who recently made up – they do not act like friends at all, really. (The visuals of this scene are pretty interesting in terms of subtext, too – see Wardrobe Notes below).

It’s easy to assume that something romantic happened late at night, in the warm darkness of the tent, the enclosed space thick with whispered confessions between two boys just coming to terms with their feelings… Sorry, where was I? OH YEAH, the smart money is on kissing being what Jude and Connor did, especially after it was foreshadowed in the spin-the-bottle game earlier in the season.

It’s notable also the way Jude slips in a reference to Connor during a family dinner conversation about Jesus and Hayley’s dysfunctional relationship and Hayley’s neediness. “Connor’s kinda needy, too – it’s not just girls,” Jude comments, practically tap-dancing with a neon sign that says, “ask me about my boyfriend, whose name is CONNOR.”

But, in terms of solving the mystery – time to get out your Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass – the most revealing scene seems to be the one later in the episode, when Jude talks to his moms. Here, Jude characterizes what he and Connor did on the camping trip as “wrong, I guess”. It seems unlikely that Jude, who’s been reassured numerous times by his family that it’s okay if he’s gay, would refer to same-sex attraction as “wrong” when talking to his lesbian moms.

Based on this scene, I can’t help but feel that this whole storyline is a feint and the big reveal won’t be romantic or sexy. That said, I do think Jude/Connor is edging ever closer to being canon. I just think we’re further from a canon relationship that many fans would like. (Sorry. I hate to be the parade-rainer-in-chief.)


Elsewhere in the episode, Lena is back from communing with nature, but it becomes clear that her grief is still tearing her up inside. Faced with the double whammy of a new “corporate” principal, (who looks all of 25 and sweetly suggests that Lena do most of the work of principal while getting none of the credit,) plus the no-win situation with Connor’s abusive father, level-headed Lena snaps – and quits her job.

In other, non-camping-related storylines, the twins meet with Ana – a visit that’s supervised by a visibly-uneasy Stef. Mariana, once so susceptible to Ana’s boo-hoo’ing, is now contemptuous as Ana clumsily tries to make amends. “I look at you and you’re nothing,” she tells Ana. “You’re just a very sad stranger.”

Later, Mariana is moved to confront Lena about something that’s obviously been bothering her: “you told me DNA doesn’t make a family – then why did you want a baby?” she demands. In what is probably the episode’s best scene, Mariana and Lena talk through the complexities of adoption: Mariana’s resentment that Ana will always be a part of her; Lena’s misplaced guilt that she wasn’t the one to carry Mariana.

The two of them hug it out, and then Mariana solicits Lena’s help in dying her hair back to brunette. (RIP Sad Barbie, we won’t miss you.)


Meanwhile, Callie grows closer to the Quinns when they hold a fundraiser for Girls United and finally agree to her adoption by Stef and Lena. Capping a season that has brought us a more mature, less volatile Callie, we get a chance to see Callie at her best – and then at her worst, when the adoption is once more derailed.

‘Someone’s Little Sister’ initially shows Callie at her most compassionate. She goes to see Rita – who’s downhearted and comfort-eating, following the fire – and takes on the challenge of getting Girls United back up and running. She goes against her usual instincts to never ask for help and actually reaches out to Robert. She also allows herself to be vulnerable, publicly identifying Robert as her father, and opening herself up to the possibility of a real relationship with him.

Later, however, when Callie feels betrayed, she lashes out – as self-destructive and emotionally-unstable as ever.

Sophia reveals to Callie that she ripped up the abandonment papers that Robert signed, expecting her to be happy that Callie can now be one of the Quinns. Callie, barely clinging to her best self, tries to stay calm and asks Robert to sign the papers again, so that her adoption can go through. Robert, however, is choked up with emotion. “I can’t,” he tells her. “I can’t abandon you.”

The adoption is off and Callie’s worst qualities resurface. “I will never call you my father again,” she tells Robert caustically. Her words to Sophia are even more hateful: “You’re not my sister, you’re a spoiled little brat.”

Callie’s recklessness doesn’t stop at words, either. Spiralling downward, she finds a familiar companion from her lowest days – Brandon. The two of them kiss and it’s… comfort? a rebellion? a consolation prize? an inevitability?


Either way, #BrallieSubtextWatch is over. Long live #BrallieMakeoutWatch!

Brandon and Callie start the episode on particularly good terms. If Brandon’s smile seems slightly strained when Callie reveals Robert signed the abandonment papers, his smile when Callie asks him and his band to play at the fundraiser is completely genuine. Later, when talking to Sophia, Callie calls Brandon her best friend. “And brother, soon,” she adds, less convincingly.

For his part, Brandon also spends most of the episode trying to play the game and ignore his residual feelings for Callie. At band practice, Brandon sings a new song. It’s lovelorn and self-flagellating and transparently about Callie:

You mean everything to me
I’d give it all away
If you say you’ll stay
True love isn’t just a dream
So shake me, wake me
And make it our reality

Naturally, Lou hates all that “I’d die without you” crap. Brandon, bristling from her criticism, writes new lyrics that are the diametric opposite – about a girl like Lou, who’s a “supernova”, burning everything up. He also begins acting diametrically opposite. Modelling himself on Lou, he gives up the dream of true love for something more concrete and less complicated. When he kisses Lou, it’s a culmination of their sexual tension, yes, but it’s also like he’s trying to prove something to himself – that he’s in control of his feelings.

Of course, no matter how much he tries to prove otherwise, Brandon is not in control of his feelings. He’s still lovelorn and self-flagellating and in love with his foster sister. And, when Callie – spinning out of control following the Quinns’ betrayal – moves to kiss him, he returns her kiss like he’s been dying without her.

Brandon’s motivations in this episode – and this season – are pretty easy to read. He’s always wanted Callie, at the expense of almost everything else, but he has been prepared to give her up because he she told him she needed a family. Now, given just a glimpse of reciprocated feelings, and he’ll take Callie any way he can get her.

Callie’s motivations, on the other hand, are far less easy to interpret. It’s hard not to read her going back to Brandon – her temptation, in Girls United parlance – as a return to her old, unstable self. She’s not acting rationally. She’s jumping to conclusions – “I’m never getting adopted” – which may or may not be true.

It’s her inclination to rewrite what’s happening as fate – “maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be” – that gives perhaps the biggest indicator of her true feelings. It could be that she’s clinging to Brandon as her consolation prize. (She doesn’t get the family, but she gets the boyfriend.) However, I’m more inclined to read it as her giving herself permission to love him.

Callie has spent the whole season trying to do what’s right – be the good daughter, the “success story” – and it’s now blown up in her face. Maybe, as her therapist suggested last week, it’s time for her to start trusting herself, to act on instinct. Callie choosing to see her feelings for Brandon as something that’s “supposed to happen” seems like a natural extension of Callie learning to listen to herself.

Could this kiss be the start of another unhealthy spiral for both of them? Maybe. But, as I said in an earlier recap, I think this season has been about Brandon and Callie learning to relate to each other as people, rather than as lovers. That should provide the type of foundation for a relationship that they didn’t have the first time around.


Thanks for reading my recaps, guys! I’ve enjoyed writing them. I have vague plans to go back and recap season one, and even more vague plans to do a whole series of expanded Wardrobe Notes posts, but I’m not sure when any of that will happen. Either way, I’ll see you for the Christmas special! Adams Fosters in elf hats = the cuteness may kill us.

Other notes and sundry:

Timothy sightings: 1 (…but that was only in the Previouslys, so it doesn’t count. Woe.)

Mat Tan hair rating: 10. Really, the best we’ve seen Mat’s hair. Such a perfect mix of flicky and casually-elegant.

Mat Tan TV boyfriend rating: Also a 10. His reaction to Mariana’s new-old hair is perfect, telling her she’s much prettier than the blonde he used to know who looked like her.

Still waiting for my spin-off: It’s nice that the Girls (And Boy) United got a fundraiser, but could they maybe have gotten a line as well? I do always love seeing Tom Phelan’s smile, though.

Don’t die, little doppelganger: This wasn’t a cast that really needed any new additions, but I’ve grown to really like Sophia. In this episode, Bailee Madison continues to play her with a strange (yet compelling) mix of serenity, overenthusiasm and ebbing unhappiness, culminating queasily in what looks like a suicide attempt. Exploring Sophia’s mental health problems(?) is a storyline I’m looking forward to next season.

Best Fake Band Ever: I’ve been listening to the Someone’s Little Sister EP all day and, I’ve gotta tell you, it’s pretty great.

Wardrobe notes:

It’s perfectly perfect that Callie, trying to be the best version of herself, is dressed in a white dress. Brandon, meanwhile, is dressed in muted stripes, which as we know is code for ‘I’m hiding something and I feel bad about it’.

This week’s wardrobe notes really belong to Jude and Connor, though. Jude’s signature colours are well-established as blue and green. Connor’s colour palette is less precise, but he tends to wear red for pivotal scenes. So it’s oh-so-intriguing that, in the corridor scene where they talk about “what we did”, it’s Jude who wears red and Connor who wears blue and green. Don’t forget, we saw this same inversion (Jude in red, Connor in blue) earlier in the season, in ‘Truth Be Told’.

What do you think? WHAT DID JUDE AND CONNOR DO IN THE TENT? Are Brandon and Callie headed back down a rocky road of angsty makeouts, or can you see the light for them? What kind of job could you see Lena getting – maybe something in the foster system? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “The Fosters #2.10 (Someone’s Little Sister) recap: in tents

  1. Great Review!

    I wasnt sure but you could have emphased a little more about the Sophia bathroom scene… it gave me creeps… the look in her eyes….another great cliffhanger!

    But one that puts on alot of expectations!

    I hate how the whole Jude & Connor relationship develops off-screen und now we not only got more of that, but we can now riddle whats about Sophia too? Argh The Fosters writers i hate you ;)

    With the Jude & Connor off-screen thing: That i can understand because thats mostly related to the age of the actors. Mostly its because they arent allowed to film that many hours but maybe the writers are kinda scared to create such a joung same-sex couple on television. If thats the case and they are just playing with the audience, iam kinda dissapointed, because The Fosters broke so many limits, they showed so many actual problems, if they chicken out now, that just means that there problems even they fear to tell and that would destroy the credibility of the whole show image.

    They showed us:

    – the poor foster-system (never been on TV before)
    – lesbian same sex couple raising kids (never been on tv like THIS before)
    – perfect definition of what defines a family (Love! in most shows you miss this!)
    – ADHD <- cant remember if this was ever on tv!
    – Drugs & Alcohol Problems (This isnt a first but its good that they mention it!)
    – Teenage unprotected sex and morning after pill (definitly a first!)
    – mixed race families (cant find a better word for this)

    and of course the many problems connected with the foster system like cultural identities or meetings with the biological parent(s) or problems with adoption or or or so many more ….

    And then we have this storyline about Jude

    – young teenage boy discovering his sexuality

    thats definitly a first! And its not even rare !

    And i like how they handled it!
    Still family friendly but concrete! They dont let him masturbate to porn, which would be quite realistic, but by far not family friendly on tv and if you think it would not be realistic, then i tell you EVERY boy that age does it.. well maybe not every boy.. some dont have access to porn and just use their imagination…

    So they handled the matter family friendly and iam glad they did it, so they could give the journey to sexual discovery a whider but unlabeled look:

    – Jude wore a dress, so we heared in the pilot … hey so what? i did it too! I even walked in my mothers high heels (well not for long ^^)! So can we label him now ? No we cant!

    – He wears the blue nailpolish and he likes it ! Thats nice, but doesnt make anybody transgender or gay! Although i never tried it, i had some male friends who wore nailpolish, ok they were older und it was black nailpoilish because they were into heavy metal, but still does such a think not label someone as anything (well not regarding sexuality, but maybe regarding your musical commitment)

    What else do we have ?

    Judes charracter is nice, quiet and sensitive, well very sensitive hes more like an emotional radar-system e.g. he noticed Jesus & Lexis relationship before everyone else or that Callie and Brandon have a thing for each other even before they knew it themselfs and he notices when somebody needs comfort and offers it, like with Lena in the hospital or with Connor at the batting cages… but is that a quality that can be labled to a specific sexuality ? I dont think so ! Its not very manly in a sterotypical way but also is he still in the transition from kid to manhood and for kids this is normal! Even though is a sensitive heterosexual person nothing unheared of.

    But Jude starts questioning himself because of this strong bond he has with Connor and the jealousy he felt because of Maddie, but even that could be explained in a heterosexual way, because Connor seems to be his first real friend and your first real friend is something special and he felt jealous because he didnt want to share him or he feared he might loose him…

    Well all this explainations and you can still say: Hey but maybe he is gay ? Yea he maybe is, but maybe not … what really killed me was the tent comment!

    They did: "something wrong, i guess"

    Now my viewings of what they coul have done logically: Something that is maybe a little wrong (he said "i guess"):

    Because its only a little wrong, where even the nice kid Jude isnt sure if it is wrong or not, we can exclude the "hard" and "bad" things that they could have done, like secretly drinking alkohol and smoke and look at porn magazines together with your friend, like i did that age (what a bad boy i was…) i think it was something that jude feels bad about…

    The obvios answer is still: THEY KISSED

    Its kinda innocent enough for ABCFamily, but the question is why should Jude feel it was kinda wrong ? Well maybe because he knew it would cause trouble , for Connor with his dad and also for Lena, who was supervising the trip. And now because Connors dad claimed jude is gay and beat up connor and Lena even quit his job because of this, he feels like it was his fault and the kiss had to be wrong…

    This would be my wish solution… And would that make him gay ? Holy shit of course not! One kiss doesnt make anybody gay! So the writers could even continue the journey of sexual exploration… maybe he goes on a date with a girl in an episode ? Of course they could end the yourney with the kiss and fisnish the question: Did he liked the kiss and is now sure about himself or is he now sure that hes heterosexual.. Either is possible, but unlikely, sexuality doesnt work that easy.

    The next question would be how this would affect his friendship with connor and there are so many possebilities:

    – They could still be friends
    – They could stop being friends and are only classmates
    – they even could become a couple…

    But wait! What if they didnt kiss! what else could they have done?

    Some realistic ideas:

    -Connor told Jude that his dad beats him, and begann to cry and the sensitive Jude comforts the needy Connor and hugs him till they fall asleep.

    Possible but in my oppionion so innocent, that it cant be called "kinda wrong", but maybe Jude sees it differntly…

    – Connor told Jude that his dad beats him and Jude comes up with a plan to bring that to Lena so she can handle it. after that Jude gives Connor the wound around the eye, so everybody has a "proof" of the beating.

    Very likely i have to say… it even covers all hints we had so far:
    – Connor is "needy"
    – the father, even though admitting he beats his son, says he doesnt know where the wound came from!
    – What they did, makes both boys feel nervous and itchy, because they made up such a ploy!
    – And it was "kinda wrong" ! Only lightly wrong because they only did it to help Connor, but it was still WRONG!

    Even though the last one is very possible to happen, i still row for the #jonnor ship and hope they kissed and they slowly begin to start to something more then "just" a friendship ;)

    Why ?

    Like i told in the beginning! The show had so many groundbreaking new topics, that were never told before on tv, but still mater alot in real life!
    A young teenage same-sex couple would be the next milestone, even though thanks to series like Shameless(Gay-Charrakter 15 Years old in the beginning) or Glee (late teens) the only milestone would be, that the charracters are a little younger. But the opportunity to show the development of such charracters would be groundbreaking! Especialy because i want to see more of the bulling problem and how it affects the charracters and how the family helps (like the fosters family with Jude) or what happens with connor and his family, where there isnt such a support.

    That would be such great tv and i hope the writers dont dissapoint me ;)

  2. I hope callie and brandon can stay together they are the cutest couple on this season. I hope they stay as Brallie. That was stupid of Jesus to get a tattoo of Hayley on his side. I think that Jesus and Emma were a lot more of a cute couple than Jesus and Hayley. Hayley is just needy and just wants to use Jesus but he doesn’t see that. Like Mariana said Hayley knew for a few months that her parents were getting divorced but she just wanted, Jesus to miss the team dinner because Emma was gonna be there. So I think Hayley is just using him as a sex doll shes just playing a game. Shes acting like hes using her like a sex doll. So she was gonna break up with Jesus so he was pressured to show her that he does love her so he got a tattoo of her name on his side. Which I think it was stupid of him to do that. I hate how they left it as a cliffhanger of Jude and Connor like what did they do in that tent did they kiss or have sex. Is maybe Connor gay just like maybe Jude is? Like everyone wants to know what they did in the tent thats whaat i like to know. They are obvisouly hiding something that they dont want their parents to know of. Now maybe Lena can be a stay at home mom with the kids since she quit her job pretecting her son Jude and his friend (best friend) Connor. I think that Connor did get abused from his dad then just a spanking. Which no kid should be get spanked by their parents at the age of 13 like thats retarted. I think that Lena will find a job and be good at it like she was at her last one. But she also has an option to be a stay at home mom so she can be with her kids more. So she can bond with them and be able to spend more time with them.

  3. oh and after a little thinking, rewatching and reading and watching etc.. i also came to a conclusion about Sophia…

    First the bets are pretty on that she attempted suicide at the end of the finale, but the next big question is: Is she going to die or not ?

    I say shes dead by the next episode!

    Why ?

    ok first of:

    Peter Paige maybe spoiled at accidantlally that this was “the end of Sophia”

    and the next thing is

    Bailee Madison the actor of Sophia is cast for the main cast at another series which aires 2015 and as another child actor, she cant work so many hours so they have to write her out of the show…

    And with Sophias suicide, what will happen with Callie and the Quinns ?

    Robert may become so frustrated and angy that he may just sign the papers again, just to get rid of callie…

    or he may become so sad that he now wont ever let her go, because he doesnt want to loose his other daughter too…

    the really crazy part is: callie cant do anything about it and just feels guilty and may accept whatever Robert decides…

    gosh and we have to wait so long….

  4. Hello, I found out your recap last night and they are all so amazing. I read all of them in one sitting. I was amazed by how observant you are and had a lot of hearty laughter when reading your comments and jokes. There’re many really good observations in your recaps, but wardrobe watch and #BrallieSubtextWatch were the best. I think I laughted the loudest when reading those two. I really hope you will write all the recaps from season 1 episodes. With the Fosters not returning until December, I could really appreciate your insight on the past Fosters episodes. But whatever you decide to do, thank you for your wonderful recaps. I learned a great deal about the Fosters and its characters. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment! It really made my day.

      I actually just read the Pilot shooting script for the first time last week (Ana = Jennifer Lopez! Brandon falling in love with Callie at first sight!), which reminded me I should go back and recap s1 episodes. It’ll happen… sometime… soon. ;)

      • Hello,
        Thank you for returning the comment.
        I’ve read the pilot script before as well. I’m not sure if it’s the same one, but it was slightly different from the one it aired. (Here’s the link: I was amazed by the scene where Callie is secretly watching shirtless Brandon playing the piano, in a somewhat “erotic” way (!!) and their staring at each other at the end of the episode. If it had been aired, I would have been almost sure that Brallie is the endgame. Their relationship is one of my favorite to watch.

        I’m so excited for your possble more Fosters recaps!!! I would love to read your Wardrobe Watch. Your insight about Jonner wardrobe is amazing. I was vaguely aware of colors Jude usually wears, but haven’t realized its relation to Conners.

        I know I have said it last time, but your insight and humor are amazing. I don’t really see how you do it–you express my thoughts and feelings in the funniest, most observant way possible and plus include many aspects of the show I haven’t really thought of. It was such a pleasant surprise for me to find your reviews.

        Thank you and I look foward to reading your future recaps.
        P.S. It’s obvious that you are gifted in analyzing, why not starting #PredictionforNextEpisode as well? I would love to know what you think will happen in 2×11.

        • The Brallie in the script is hilariously romance novel-y. I love it.

          Thank you again for your kind words! These recaps are a labour of love and sometimes it’s hard to be funny/insightful when I’m feeling uninspired, so it means a lot that you enjoyed them. :)

  5. I think that Brandon I Callie is way too obvious for this show. Usually the cliff hangers aren’t this black and white. We would all assume that Callie won’t get adopted, she and Brandon get back together, Sophia is dead, and Jude and Connor kissed. While they may give us one of those, we can’t get them all. My theories are that Sophia attempts suicide, but fails. This will cause tension between Callie and the Quinn’s especially since Callie will probably see it as her being bratty and making a scene. Robert will sign the papers and the Quinn’s will disappear. Callie will either get adopted by the fosters or no longer live with them. I don’t think Callie can leave Jude. And her Girls United friends will resent her for having two families wanting to adopt her, but she chooses a boy.
    Jesus will break up with Hayley because of what Ana told him about always wanting to take care of her. Stef and Lena will find out about the tattoo but I’m unsure of what will be done about it.
    Jude and Connor I believe is the one. I believe Jude and Connor kissed or cuddled or did some type of child like innocent act in the tent. Jude thinks it is wrong because Connor was hurt because of it. Though Stef and Lena reassure him that character defines you not sexuality, Stef and Lena are successful lesbians. Their lifestyle is accepted but Connors dad doesn’t accept it. Connor has grown up in a homophobic house his dad’s negative thinking is the only view Connor has of himself. I don’t believe we will ever get an actual onscreen relationship because on their age. Most shows don’t have thirteen year old kissing. Hayden (Jude) is thirteen and Gavin (Connor) is fifteen. If they were both fifteen maybe, but Hayden is so young. But there is always the money and publicity factor. If both boys and their “people” agree it may happen. That’s a long shot though, but possible unless Connor will be written out of the show. If Connor leaves, Jude may not express his sexuality ever again, so if something will happen it will be with Connor. Whether it’s a secret or public knowledge, onscreen or off that is what’s debatable.

  6. I’m mainly worried about Jonnor, I just LOVE them so much and wanna pinch their cheeks and smush their faces together so that they can just kiss already!!!

    I don’t know why, but I’m just obsessed.

    Also, I’m basically dying to know what they did in the tent. I hope it gets revealed in the Christmas special, because the sooner the better. Here are my little scenarios, probs for after everyone’s already asleep:

    Scenario A, “The Kiss”:
    Jude in Connor lay still in the tent, though neither of them could sleep.
    “Jude,” Connor asked finally, the silence driving him almost insane, “are you asleep?”
    Connor sighed and sat up. “Can I ask you something?”
    “Depends. What’s up?”
    “At the party that day, were you really gonna kiss me?”
    Jude sat up as well. He was silent for a moment. “What?”
    “Were you actually gonna kiss me at that party?”
    “I said that we shouldn’t, but YOU insisted.”
    “I know it was dumb, but a dare’s a dare, Jude. Were you actually gonna go through with it?”
    “No, you’re like, my best friend, but we’re not on that level,” Jude replied in the dark, “were YOU gonna kiss ME?”
    “Yeah, I actually WAS.”
    “Dude, why?”
    “I just,” Connor hesitated, “I just didn’t think…”
    “God, just say it, Connor!”
    “I would have kissed you, because maybe I didn’t think kissing you wouldn’t be all that bad!”
    Jude’s face grew warm, and he turned on the electric lantern. Connor was staring at the ground, rubbing the back of his head.
    “You’d…kiss me?” Jude asked in disbelief.
    “Yeah, I actually would,” Connor replied, his voice almost a whisper.
    “Please look at me,” Jude said. Connor slowly looked up, the blush not leaving his face either.
    “I’d maybe wanna kiss you, too.” Jude replied.
    “So, do we..?”
    Jude raised his eyebrows. “Like, n-now? I dunno, maybe.”
    “O-okay,” Connor stammered. He slowly leaned forward, and so did Jude, their hearts racing like crazy. Connor abruptly pulled back again. “Wait.”
    “Are you sure you wanna kiss me?” he asked hesitantly.
    “Yes. And are you positive you kiss ME?” Jude asked.
    “I am,” Connor replied.
    “Then I guess we’re on the same page, here.”
    “Okay, then.” Connor slowly leaned forward once more, and gently pressed his lips onto Jude’s. A shiver went down their spines, and they awkwardly pulled back.
    “You kissed me,” Jude squeaked. Connor nodded, and buried his face in his hands. “That just happened,” Jude said.
    “What now?” Connor asked. “Do we just-”
    “Not tell anyone? Agreed.”

    Scenario B, “The Drugs”:
    “Um, Connor? What is that?”
    Jude and Connor were in the tent with the electric lantern on, and Connor had pulled out a small bag with what looked
    “Whoa, is that-”
    “Weed? Yeah.”
    “Where did you get that??”
    “My cousin knows a guy.” He took a piece of paper from his duffel bag, rolled up a blunt, and lit it with a lighter.
    “Why? Y-you, you don’t have to to do that,” Jude said quietly, still in shock.
    “My dad…my dad doesn’t ‘spank’ me, okay? He BEATS me. I’m not good enough, and when he sees that, he doesn’t like it,” he hit the blunt, “not one single f**king bit.”
    “And this is how you cope,” Jude replied, though it wasn’t as a question. Connor held it out for Jude.
    “Try it. It’s amazing, I promise.”
    Jude considered it. “I can’t, this is wrong,” he replied. Connor didn’t move his arm away.
    “You need to relax. Smoke some.”
    Jude ran a hand through his hair.

    And those are mah theories!! Yeah, I know, I’m genius. But as bad as I want it to end up being Scenario A, I feel like the way Connor was acting so edgy in the last episode indicated that maybe Scenario B actually took place.

    Either way, DRAMAAAAA!!

    also, I think that Sophia may have in fact killed herself. Her facial expression at the end of “Someone’s Little Sister” was that face that you see when you know things are about to take a turn for the worse for that person. It’s about to go down!!! As much as she’s angered basically everyone right now, I hope that she at least lives. And if she doesn’t commit suicide, I feel like she might cut the word “Callie” into her arm with a razor. Or she’d do that, THEN maybe she’d kill herself. It’s dark, but it could happen.

    Omg I’m genius.

    But I really did love this recap, thanks for it, I knew the whole:
    “Connor’s kinda needy, too – it’s not just girls,” Jude comment meant SOMETHING. I like LOST MY MIND when he said that, it was so sjdbsbdnskasalqpevndqi!!

    Mmkay, bai!

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