The Fosters #2.15 (Light of Day) recap: Put your hands where I can see ’em

How did we reach the point where two 13-year-old boys holding pinkie fingers makes for the most heart-in-mouth, toe-curling, stressful viewing of the whole season?

Hannibal’s gonna come back on our screens later this year and casually disembowel people with Italian flair… and it’s still going to make for less tense television than Connor moving his hand half an inch across an armrest.

Some other stuff happened this episode, as well. I mean… I guess it did. *vague gestures*

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The Fosters #2.14 (Mother Nature) recap: Exit, pursued by a bear

The Adams Fosters go camping! Stef and Lena want the kids to actually experience something, “without tweeting or twerking about it”.

And, oh, the family experiences something, alright – but more time is spent spilling secrets and unloading built-up resentments than singing Kumbaya around a camp fire.

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