The Fosters #2.20 (Not That Kind Of Girl) recap: Bait and switch

In an episode that opened with the aftermath of a shooting, it’s a little ironic to say that the most heart-in-mouth moment was actually created by the bloop-bloop-bloop bubbles of a text message loading.

Jude and Connor managed to steal this episode – and with perhaps five minutes of screentime between them. This is a testament to the talent of this show’s young stars, who repeatedly rise to the challenge of the scripts’ Pinter-esque pauses. And it also proves that this is a show that succeeds best when it underplays, rather than overplays, emotion.

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The Fosters #2.19 (Justify the Means) recap: Mercury in retrograde

Stef hatches a secret plan to keep Callie a part of the Adams Foster family. In doing so, she creates a folder on her computer called MY SECRET PLAN. Then she hangs a neon sign that reads CALLIE’S MY DAUGHTER, and hires a skywriter to write SUCK IT, ROBERT across the beautiful San Diego skies. Stef is so covert, the FBI’s looking to recruit her, I’m sure.

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The Fosters #2.18 (Now Hear This) recap: The tension and the terror

Everyone’s looking for a family. When Kiara returns, she assures Callie that’s she found a new family, one that cares about her. The fact that her new family is a prostitution ring? Well, it might not be ideal, but she’s making the best of a bad situation (and, for Kiara, there have been so many bad situations).

In this episode, Callie tries to convince Kiara that Rita and the newly-reunited Girls United could be her family – a good family; a family that comes without strings attached. Callie, whose other family – the Adams Fosters – is slipping away from her, is desperate to keep together Girls United. She can’t lose this other family, too, because losing Stef and Lena already “hurts so much”.

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The Fosters #2.17 (The Silence She Keeps) recap: Home truths

This week, Callie’s still tying herself up in knots over the kidnapping debacle: in order to keep herself, Daphne and Brandon safe from arrest, she must pander to Robert, including going to live with him. Of course, to Lena and Stef, the whole situation seems bewildering and “devastating” – like they’re losing their daughter.

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