Movie review: Move On (2012)

Is it a movie? Is it an advertisement? No, it’s a… movertisement! Move On (2012) is a strange beast. Funded by a phone company, a car company, and that corporation that locked a poor girl in a shipping container after she was gang-raped, its (non-existent) storyline has seemingly been crowd-sourced. Like any movie-by-committee, the result is a camel. A camel that’s trying to flog you a car.

That said, it is by no means an unpleasant way to spend 90 minutes. (You can watch the entire thing for free at the official website.) Move On follows a jaded everyman spy as he travels across Europe on a non-specific covert-ops job. The resulting movie blends together indiscriminately all the classic action movie clichés. There’s beautiful scenery (from the grit of Alexanderplatz in Berlin to the sweeping coastline of Montenegro); fraught car chases; hand-to-hand combat; and of course a sexy love affair that goes wrong.

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